I chose a simplistic look for my articles for efficiency and good readability. My article entries can be accessed mainly from the home page.

My latest post shows in full on the left hand side. Beside the latest post, you will find a list of recent posts that you can browse through.

The search functionality on the top right allows you to search my articles by keywords which works really well. Try typing in ‘gamobot’ or ‘flash games’ and search. In addition you can click on tags in the tag cloud where you’ll get a complete list of articles relevant to that tag.

Things tend to be organized by most recent date on most blogs, and I chose to keep it that way. There’s also an archive available on the right between the tag cloud and my twitter feed. Through the archive, you can drill into articles by month.

My overall goal is to build a content rich blog with useful articles relating to social/casual gaming and business development in the industry.

Although I love to write, I have other commitments. I plan to post new articles every week. I will surely do my utmost to squeeze more in since I’m passionate about writing.

All these articles are my honest interpretations. They do not represent the views of anyone else.



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