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Governor of Poker

I was at a friend’s house over the weekend and we were playing poker to kill some time. Well, they tried to convince me to play Settlers of Catan, which I couldn’t really get into right away, so I quickly convinced them to play some poker. We roll out all the change we can find, … Continue reading

Prince of Persia source code

I’m a huge Prince of Persia fan. About a week ago, I saw a random tweet referencing the fact that you can now download the original Prince of Persia code for free! My first reaction was wow, I should download it! For a few minutes, I started to concoct plans to make my own Prince … Continue reading

Leisure Suit Larry

The other day, I was sitting there wondering what happened to Sierra and Leisure Suit Larry. For those of you who remember playing games in MS-DOS and using typed commands like “pick up sword” to play games, will probably know what I’m talking about. Truth be told, I was more of a Hero’s Quest fan … Continue reading

Casual gaming in Japan

I’ve always been intrigued by Japan. I never made it to Japan even though I’ve traveled extensively in Asia. Japan is home to Nintendo, Sega, Sony, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, and Mario. The list goes on and on. Needless to say, the country has developed quite a reputation in gaming and innovation in general. Japan … Continue reading

Angry Birds & 5 quick lessons

Now, who hasn’t fallen in love with these birds? Their eggs were stolen by some pesky little pigs. These pigs are in big trouble. The birds rallied and are launching themselves through the sky and eliminating each pig one by one. Ok, well, we all know the story… Go talk to a bunch of people … Continue reading


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