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Governor of Poker

I was at a friend’s house over the weekend and we were playing poker to kill some time. Well, they tried to convince me to play Settlers of Catan, which I couldn’t really get into right away, so I quickly convinced them to play some poker. We roll out all the change we can find, and we played several rounds into the late hours of the night. It was fun… I probably had more fun because I cleaned my friends out. Ha ha! Too bad it was only change!

So I’m talking to my one of my friends about flash games while we were playing, and he tells me the only flash game that he plays is Governor of Poker. I remember seeing it a while back, so I decided to take another look! I played Zynga Poker for a while and got hooked. You can get all the details in my Zynga Poker post. For those of you that are interested, the Zynga Poker app is back on my Android device! What can I say, I enjoy playing poker!

I guess you could call this a flash game review. I honestly give Governor of Poker a 9/10. The only reason I’m giving it a 9 is because I didn’t finish it yet… The game has excellent graphics, gameplay, story line, and sound effects. I would venture far out enough to even say that it’s one of my favorite flash games so far. It beats Zynga Poker in quality, but Zynga has the lion’s share of the social space which is the sole reason the game is as successful as it is.

Governor of Poker is set in the good old wild west. You can roam around towns, find poker games, purchase houses, take over towns in Texas, and more. There’s an extra element in there, which I enjoy… It certainly increases the fun factor. For those of you who are new to poker, the game provides you with tips and advice. The quick tips that they give you are pretty valuable. The game is definitely well done! Thumbs up!

Enough talking, go, play and judge for yourself: http://www.gamobot.com/Classics/1338/Governer-Poker.html


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