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As some of you know, we put up a version of Gamobot on April 1 (2012) that we’ve been working on for some time! Yes, we know, we have some things we need to fix. Our development team is hard at work, and everything will be polished up in a matter of days, worse case scenario a few weeks.

Those of you who know me personally, know that I’m a bit of a stat nerd. With that said, I have to say I love Google Analytics. I’m in our account most of my day checking out our stats and coming up with ideas to improve our traffic metrics.

Over the past few days, I noticed alot of our US users are coming from a city called Farmville. Wait, Farmville? Isn’t that the super popular facebook game made by Zynga? Speaking of Zynga, hats off! The way that company has grown, their recent IPO, the company is nothing less than phenomenal with what they’ve done in a short time span!

Back to Farmville… Check this out:

I had to check if this was for real. A few google searches led to me to an actual town called Farmville in Virginia. I thought it was pretty funny considering the massive success of the game Farmville, and the fact that we are in the casual/social gaming sector.

Welcome Farmville users, we welcome you all (Virginia & Zynga)!


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